Stanley Picker Fellowship in Art & Design 2023-24

Thomas was awarded a Stanley Picker fellowship in Art & Design in 2023-24. The project will explore the history and transformations of a urban river near the Stanley Picker Gallery – using techniques of spectrography and spirit photography to create a Haunted Ecology of the river. An exhibition is scheduled in 2024, as well as a Fellowship publication and a special edition or artworks.

Residency at the Modular Laboratory 2022-23

Species Without Spaces was selected for the artistic residency at the Modular Laboratory in 2022-23. The project involves the creation of media ecosystems documenting endangered coastal landscapes. Beyond or below the technological progress, can we imagine poetic correspondences between ecosystems and forms of spatialization and mediation, which mobilize both digital tools and sensitive physical interfaces?

Non Flowers in Future Architecture platform

Non Flowers for a Hoverfly is a VR world for insect pollinators realized in collaboration with the biology lab of Dr. Shannon Olsson. French Contemporary Art Fund for Art and Agriculture, acquired a series of Non Flowers artifacts for its permanent collection and upcoming exhibitions and France.

Swamp Pavilion @Venice Architecture Biennale

Thomas participated in the Futurity Island sessions of the Swamp Pavilion with his research on the architecture of the Salicornia Plant. The Swamp Pavilion is a networked effort in creating new imaginary hybrid space for exercises in architectural and artistic practices, theory and pedagogy through various forms and formats of public interventions, field trips, workshops, lectures, discussions, chat channels and printed publications.