Invisible Gardening

Photographic documentation and archive of Climate related artefacts collected in urban gardens in London.

Exhibited at Delfina Foundation, as part of the Politics of Food Residency Market & Mouvements Week-end.

The exhibition is accompanied by the fictional essay The Membrane, set in a future urban garden, and the article Why Hack Your Vegetable Garden? written for the online publication Munchies magazine.

Extract of the essay:

Due to high risks of contamination in this area of London the original soil had to be removed to lay down an artificial membrane about a meter deep in the ground. Non-contaminated soil was poured over this membrane, in which crops could grow ‘safely’. Invisible to the eye, the membrane was the condition for nature to exist again. The gardeners often remembered this moment of recovering the last piece of the geo-textile with soil as a founding ritual for the place, one that will be repeated in many gardens to come.(…)

Photography: Thomas Pausz / Nicola of Evening Class & Tim Bowditch, Courtesy of Delfina Foundation.